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  • Helps in better growth of hair and nails.
  • Supports a healthy and moisturized skin.
  • Helps in boosting body’s energy.
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These Biotin Dietary Supplement Tablets from Dawn Pharmaceutical are an easy way to help promote more radiant, healthier looking hair and skin. The convenient one-a-day formula makes these biotin supplements an easy addition to your daily routine,. Just take one tablet daily with food to introduce Biotin with L-carnitine to your diet and promote rejuvenation of your hair and skin.

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11 reviews for I-Cart

  1. Anita Buksh

    its very effective product. meny 3 companies ki use ki h biotin lekin Dawn Pharmaceutical ki i-cart ky boht achy results hen within 3 month mera hairfall khtm hua h or nails & skin k liey b boht behtreen sabit hui hy

  2. Humera

    I am using the 3rd packing of i-Cart & it is just amazing. It gives very effective results to my hair, nails & skin. Highly recommended Dawn Pharmaceutical supplements. You can trust them blindly.

  3. Samra

    It’s my favorite supplement, i really love it very much.

  4. Sameen

    Since I use this supplement once a day and my hair fall has greatly decreased, I would strongly suggest this product. Additionally, it encourages the growth of hair in previously hairless parts of the head. Since I’ve been taking them for four months, I will definitely repurchase.

  5. Sardar

    Biotin is a daily part of my vitamin regime It good to find it at a good price. Since I have started taking it, I have noticed less hair loss and breakage.

  6. Adnan

    its just an amazing product. Its very effective for my hair, nails & skin. Highly recommended these supplements.

  7. Waheed

    superb result of this product

  8. Rizwana

    I have seen noticeable improvements in my skin complexion and hair strength. My hair fall issues are totally resolved. Additionally, I feel more energized and focused throughout the day. It’s amazing.Highly recommended

  9. Rana

    I have been taking Biotin and L-carnitine supplements for a few months now, and I must say, the results have been incredible! My hair feels thicker and stronger, and I’ve noticed a significant decrease in hair fall. Additionally, my nails have become stronger and less prone to breakage.

  10. Anita

    Biotin and L-carnitine have truly transformed my hair, skin, and energy levels. Since taking these supplements, my hair has grown significantly and feels much healthier.

  11. Ayesha

    I cannot express enough how impressed I am with the results I have seen from using Biotin and L-carnitine supplements. Not only has my hair become shinier and healthier, but I have also noticed less hair loss. My nails have also become stronger and don’t break as easily.

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